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Poetry. Art. Fiction. Non-fiction. Essays. This issue, published in 2004, addresses the theme "blues." To read the editor's note, Click Here.


The cover features sculpture by noted artist Long Nguyen, art portfolio by Leonard Mainor, A. Van Jordan's essay "Earning Transcendence: Blues Iconography to Get Me Over", Tiffany Higgins's translations of Nadia Tuéni, and Deni Hodges's yoga exercise "Blue : Calm."


Includes work by Arnold J. Kemp, Mendi Lewis Obadike, Wendy S. Walters, Pat Reed, Calvin Forbes, Gloria Frym, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Patricia Spears Jones, Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite, barbara jane reyes, Beth Murray, opalmoore, Jay Wright, Dawn Lundy Martin, Michael S. Harper, Akilah Oliver, elen gebreab, Al Young, Duriel E. Harris, Will Alexander, Myronn Hardy, Lisanne Thompson, Aja Couchois Duncan, Christian Campbell, Holly Bass, Douglas Kearney, and Douglas "D. Scot" Miller


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Harryette Mullen, Douglas "D. Scot" Miller, Douglas Kearney, Fred Moten, Eisa Davis, giovanni singleton, José Felipe Alvergue, PigAnkle: Whole Hog!, Communicating Vessels with Amarnath Ravva/d.g. eng, & Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith's Carbon System


160 pp., Perfectbound/CD


Single-issue: $15